Families Helping Families

"We are all in this together!" This page provides valuable information and resources for our SAGA Community during these unprecedented times.

Financial Resources

Government benefits have been increased for children and families through the Families First Coronavirus Response Act:

If your family has financial resources to share, please consider donating to Northwest Harvest.

If you are willing to support a SAGA family in need of financial assistance, please email treasurer@sagaschool.org.

Food Support Services

The SAGA School is exploring a partnership with Northwest Harvest to provide food support for the SAGA Community and the neighborhood surrounding SAGA. If you feel that your family would benefit from food support, please fill out this form (Northwest Harvest Support) so that SAGA can get a better idea of the needs of our community. Your responses will be held in confidence and will be shared only with the support team organizing the food support services.

Keeping Your Job

If you are considering getting a babysitter so you donít lose your primary source of income, you are not alone. Many in our region are faced with this question, including first responders. Public Health has guidelines for us:

  • If you are medically vulnerable and at risk of losing primary income, limit the number of adults who babysit and try to not have any other kids around
  • Follow the Public Health guidelines for Child Care

King County offers resources to secure childcare. "If your child care facility closes due to COVID-19 concerns, please call our Family Center at 1-800-446-1114 and our team can help you search for alternative child care." Find a childcare provider for your family.

Talking to the Kids and Coping with Stress

Even if your family is prepared, an outbreak can be very stressful. To help your family cope with this stress, following these recommendations can help:

Parent and Caretaker Resources and Recommendations

What can we do while social distancing?

  • Video chat playdates
  • Lawn chairs six (or more!) feet apart
  • Walk six feet apart on nature trails
  • Ride bikes six feet apart
  • Gardening six feet apart
  • Play music outside for happy hour

If you are feeling isolated, reach out! If you are feeling well, consider reaching out to someone you havenít heard from in a while.

Trading Resources

What do you have to trade? What are you looking for? Consider:

  • German books
  • German music
  • German shows
  • Video chats for kids
  • Running essential errands
  • What else do you think of?

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Surviving and Thriving with Home School

Is your kid having more tantrums? Are you yelling at your kids more? Have mealtime and bedtime become unpleasant? And how are you supposed to get the virtual learning done on top of all that?!!!!!

Check out these articles that reflect SAGAís values and the realities of homeschooling:


Remote Working

Check out this real life video of other parents:

Real Life Video

Check out this resource on positive parenting:

Positive Parenting

SAGA is providing this example of positive parenting as a helpful suggestion. It is commonly used in homes and schools and has helpful tips for connecting with your childís emotions, getting homework done, mealtime, going to bed, managing screen time, ect. It is not a method specifically used by SAGA teachers.