Happy volunteers at the Apple Cider Event

Fun at SAGA's Annual Cider Press Event

We officially announced Fall at SAGA celebrating the Apple Cider Press event. The annual Event was a big hit for everyone, young and old. Organized by grade, students used the apple press to make their own apple juice. Making juice with an apple press is simple. The students placed the chopped-up apples in the press and were allowed to squeeze the apples with the help of a rotating wheel. After squeezing the apples, the cold extracted juice flowed out of the press basket into a collecting container.

Fun fact: Did you know that it needs roughly 48 average-sized apples to produce one gallon of apple juice?

At the end of the day, all students agreed, it was definitely the best apple juice they have ever tasted. Thank you to all the apple donations, you contributed to a wonderful day.

Impressions of the Apple Cider Event
Process of pressing Apple Juice
Students watching the Apple Cider Press
The Apple Cider Press
How to press the apples
Process of pressing Apple Juice
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