Teacher Intern Monique Mussbach shares her intern experience with us.

Monique Mussbach is currently studying to be an English and History teacher in Leipzig, Germany. She supported SAGA as part of an internship from the end of August to the end of September 2022. Before starting her studies Monique worked as a nurse in the emergency room, but decided that she wanted a new professional challenge which led her to her teacher studies. For her internship she wanted to gain experience in a school abroad and since she loves the Canadian nature, she wanted to gain a similar experience in the Pacific Northwest. We took a moment to capture her experience on our campus:

What was your highlight during this internship?

To be honest, the whole internship was a highlight. I had totally different expectations of what a private school looks like. But after interning here, I am impressed with how SAGA communicates with parents, and how less formal everything is compared to Germany. Furthermore, I think it is interesting to see how German immersion works in the US. I enjoyed working with all my colleagues, and the students. The overall good atmosphere and the unique SAGA Spirit made this internship amazing. Another really cool highlight was designing our own classroom; it was great to create a good learning environment for our students. 

What exactly were you expecting? 

My overall goal with this internship was to earn more experience with students in different grade levels. I also wanted to learn and try out the different learning methods in a real environment, which I definitely have!

What else did you like? 

One thing I really enjoy is being on first name terms with co-workers and parents. Also, I‘m impressed by how well the German curriculum is integrated with the Washington state curriculum and standards. Additionally, I like how the school uses digital tools for parent communication. What really fascinated me was how well the German American mix of curriculum and culture works. It was a pleasure to see how the students switch effortlessly between the languages, and their command of the German language is fantastic. Overall, this internship was beyond great, I would always come back!

What did you enjoy outside of the classroom and what will you miss most when you return to Germany?

The Pacific Northwest has so much to offer in such a short distance. The mountains, the water, all of the nature, everything is breathtaking. Not just the Pacific Northwest itself, but also Seattle, as a city, has been a great place to be. So it was definitely a highlight getting the opportunity to combine my internship with staying in this beautiful place. Going back to Germany, I am definitely going to miss the children and the school with its unique spirit and inspiring daily-routines. I will miss the friendships I made inside and outside of SAGA. Thank you for having me!

In conclusion, Monique was an asset to our school and always put a smile on all the children’s faces with her jokes and positive charisma. Danke, we will miss you too Monique.

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Monique Mussbach
About Monique
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