Intern Laura

Laura's Internship

Why did you choose SAGA for your internship? What were your expectations?


I chose SAGA for my internship because as a German and English student, the school offers me everything I wanted for my semester abroad. A German school in an English-speaking country was the best thing that could have happened to me. I didn't know exactly what to expect. I didn’t know if the school would be like an elementary school in Germany, or if it would have more similarities to the American school system. 


What were your responsibilities during your Internship at SAGA?


During my internship, I accompanied various classes in their everyday schedule, helped teachers during class, and supervised students at recess. I even got the opportunity to teach myself, which was the perfect chance to learn and gather teaching experience.


Were there any events or moments during your time at SAGA that you will remember for a long time?


I’ll always remember my time at SAGA fondly! My time at the school was one of the best experiences I’ve had so far. It’s the little things I’ll miss the most, such as the times we all spent together in the “Morgenkreis” and being silly with the kids between classes. I also really enjoyed celebrating 100 days of school with the Kindergarteners! 


What plans do you have after leaving SAGA and Seattle?


After my internship, I’ll fly to Los Angeles for a week. From there I'll go back to Germany. Back at home, I’ll put myself into the final stages of my bachelor's degree to be able to work as a licensed teacher myself! 


Is there something you will deeply miss after returning to Germany?

I’ll miss the Frösche and the Füchse! After spending almost every day with them, I’ll miss goofing around with them. In addition, I’ll miss the beautiful landscape that Washington has to offer, the nice people I got to meet, all the nice little cafes in Seattle (especially DIVA's), and being able to shop on Sundays! ;)


What will be the first thing you would want to eat/drink/do after returning home?


There are so many things that I can’t wait to eat again! First and foremost, however, is the good old German bread. Apart from that, I also can’t wait to eat “Schupfnudeln” and “Dampfnudeln” again. And I'm looking forward to drinking good and tasty water from the tap again. ;)

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