Preschool and PreK

Pre-academic skills are taught through hands-on, real life experiences, with a focus on experimentation, play and self-correction.

Program At-a-Glance

  • Preschool - Ages 30 months to 5 years
  • Preschool : 2.5- 5 years of age; 3-5 days per week
  • PreK : 4-5 years of age; 4 or 5 days per week
  • Monday - Friday 9:15 AM to 1:15 PM

The SAGA School offers Preschool (children 30 months - 5 years old) and Pre-K (children 4-5 years old) programs Monday - Friday from 9:15a.m. until 1:15 p.m. Families may build their preschool schedule on convenient days (3, 4, or 5 days) based on space availability. Our experience has shown that children enrolled in at least 3 days a week have greater success with language acquisition. Pre-K students may choose either a 4 or 5 day schedule. All students attend Monday - Wednesday. Parents may choose either Thursday or Friday as the student's fourth day.

Preschool entry occurs in September. It is our admittance policy that all students are 30 months old on or before August 31st. Children turning 30 months after the beginning of the school year may enter on a space availability basis. The Pre-K program, while still a part of Preschool, is geared towards preparing students for Kindergarten. Children must be 4 years old by August 31st to enter the program.

In the SAGA School Preschool, pre-academic skills are taught through hands-on, real life experiences, with a focus on experimentation, play and self-correction. Scribbling, drawing, and invented spelling and letters are viewed as necessary steps towards literacy. Math and science concepts are acquired through games, observations of and interactions with nature, and classroom discussions.

Daily Schedule

A typical school day includes a well balanced blend of academic studies and self-enrichment activities.


Arrival / Free Play


Games / Puzzles / Crafts


Morning Circle / Songs


Themed Projects


Lunch / Clean-up




End Circle / Pick-up

Current Families

Re-enrollment information will be emailed to you and included in the parent portal.

Important Dates

Aug 30

Meet the Teachers

Aug 31

First Day of School

Nov 19 - 22

Fall Parent Teacher Conferences (Sat, Mon, Tues)

Nov 23 - 25

Thanksgiving Break

Dec 19 - Jan 2

Winter Break

Feb 20 - 24

Mid-Winter Break

Apr 7

Spring Parent Teacher Conferences

Apr 10 - 14

Spring Break

Jun 16

Last Day of School

Jackets Hanging
Color Wheel
Team Building
Preschool Science Unit
Learning to Make Wontons
A SAGA "Fan"

Es ist nicht nur die Schule, sondern das gesamte gesellschaftliche und soziale Umfeld, dass den Reiz von SAGA ausmacht.

Gregor Tatsios, SAGA Alumni parent

We chose SAGA because of the balance between language immersion, a curriculum based approach and the obvious attention to detail. We have not yet been disappointed!

Stacey Wiggins, Current SAGA Elementary parent

...the school is so much more than "just a" German immersion school. SAGA feels like an extension of our family and is such a creative, healthy, loving, caring, fun and motivating place for my daughter.

Annette Veihelmann, SAGA Alumni parent

Es ist nicht nur die Schule, sondern das gesamte gesellschaftliche und soziale Umfeld, dass den Reiz von SAGA ausmacht.

Gregor Tatsios, SAGA Alumni parent

Frequently Asked Questions

Previous exposure to the German language is not required for preschool students. Previous German is highly recommended for students enrolled in Kindergarten and required for students Grade 1 or higher.

Our teachers strive for 100% total German immersion and only speak English in the rare case that a child is in distress and can not be comforted using the German language. However, our elementary aged students (1st Grade and above) receive English lessons, from an English teacher, as part of their curriculum. The number of hours of English instruction varies based on grade level.

The Kindergarten curriculum is primarily German in focus. We have found that kindergarten children are particularly savvy in pointing out the differences between English letter sounds and German letter sounds. This happens frequently when the children are learning the letter sounds as well as learning to read in German. Often a child pronounces the letter "E" or "J" for example with the English pronunciation. Our teacher uses these instances as "teachable moments" where knowledge of both English and German language skills is reinforced.

For the current school year tuition rates, please view our Tuition & Enrollment page. For information about financial aid opportunities, please visit our Financial Aid page.

Since the teacher/student ratio is low, the teacher is able to meet most (special) needs right away. This includes children's desires to drive the curriculum, need for 1:1 attention and playing extra games with a student to practice the child's skills.

One of the most effective ways to deal with this is by pairing children up to work on a common goal, employing each child's strengths and weaknesses. For example: in a matching exercise picture to letter, a child who knows their letters, but has a limited German vocabulary may be paired with a child who knows a lot of German words, but is still mastering letter recognition.

In everyday situations, the teacher adjusts their teaching style to the child's unique ability (speaking slower, using more pictures, examples, gestures, etc.)

All parents are asked at the beginning of the school year what they expect from our program. The teacher then works to strike a balance between the child's abilities, the parent's expectations, and the school's philosophy.

SAGA alumni successfully integrate into both American and German-speaking countries’ primary education systems. The biggest adjustment students will likely face in starting American public school is that they will be the "new student". Most students will have already had at least one year to "learn the ropes" of public school. SAGA School graduates will most likely adjust to a larger class, a longer day and a greater amount of academic time. It is a big change, but one that students adapt to relatively quickly.

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